Sunday, 12 September 2010

Central Bazaar

Yesterday we took part in Central Bazaar at Central Station in Wrexham, The first official outing of the wardrobe!

Of course getting the wardrobe to the venue was interesting, but as Cait observed, at least the car is gold, so it sort of fits, and it did catch a lot of attention on it's maiden voyage.

We were given a really good spot at the top of the stairs, so the wardrobe was the first thing people would see as they came up the stairs to the bazaar ...

We think it looked pretty fab in the space. We opened up one half as a display for some of our fabulous wares.
This was our fabulous stall, displaying work from the wardrobe project, greetings cards we made up from our prints, and some of our individual work. We also took along some of Rae Welch's beautiful paper birds , 'Squats' paper toy kits by Hairy T and gorgeous knitted accessories by Ruby Knight.
We were really pleased with how well the wardrobe worked as a display case, and the attention that it drew.
Although the event itself was pretty quiet, we enjoyed our day and met lots of lovely people, who we were able to enthuse at about the Wardrobe, and where we plan to take it next ....

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