Monday, 20 September 2010

Fitting out the interior

Well, we've been a bit quiet online over the last week because we have been putting so much time into working out how the insides of the wardrobe are going to work. We have drawn up lots of exciting plans, and are in the process of realising them in as practical a way as possible. There is so much for us to consider, the finished weight of the wardrobe for one, as we need to be able to move it, and then there is lots to think on when it comes to health and safety. It seems like we might have some interesting solutions though, without giving up too much of our aesthetic, and isn't it funny how restrictions can often lead to much better solutions to a problem? more exciting and interesting. Lots of work still to go! pictures should be up soon.

We're also working on getting ourselves ready for our first public appearance as a storytelling spectacular at Erddig's 20th annual Apple Days on the 2nd and 3rd of October.

Information about this event can be found at

Busy times indeed, but very exciting none the less!

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