Tuesday, 10 August 2010

...and so it all begins....

Welcome! We will be using this blog to document the progress of our wardrobe from scratch to finish. Our idea as two children's book illustrators is to develop storytelling beyond the pages of a book and allow the audience to step into the fairytale in a more interactive way. We plan to use traditonal stories which involve themes of transformation such as 'The Wild Swans', 'The Frog Prince','Cinderella'....We want to champion the concept of handmade crafts and so, we will be creating puppets, masks, mini paper theatre sets, printed fairytale theme wallpapers, knitted and sewn objects as well as illustrated work. All of these will revolve around the theme of transformation in fairytales.

Our wardrobe operates on two levels: it can be viewed as a fairytale tableaux in itself, the visual contents displaying the story and allowing the audience to piece together the narrative. On the other, through collaborating with a storyteller, the wardrobe can become a live theatre, with props and interactive objects which can be passed around the audience and used, to bring the audience into the fairytale in a tactile way.

Our aim is to have it all ready to go by the 28th of August for a festival taking place in Wrexham, North Wales....so follow us here as we encounter a jumble of fun, making, hurdles and successes....will it triumph? find out here!

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