Monday, 23 August 2010

Printing Wallpapers

An educational day in the print room, being taken through the entire process from top to bottom. Plenty of technical process to worry those of faint heart and a lot can wrong, as we discovered. However the main lesson for the day, there is a simple solution to pretty much every problem.
Burning the image onto the screens with a 1000 watts of UV light.

Choosing our colours and mixing the inks 50/50 with print medium

Screen ready to print


We learnt quite a lot about registration and solutions for getting the pattern spaced correctly, mostly through trial and error, but adapting techniques from fabric printing, overlay and adept use of masking tape. Other problems we encountered were that the ink from previous print tended to make a ghost imprint on the under side of the screen, messing up our beautiful patterns, and over the several days printing we learnt ways to counteract this. Such as using a smaller squeegie and ensuing everything was kept as clean as possible. 
Cait aligning against the black and white image underneath the paper.
Important to make sure everything is cleaned up properly. Jess had far too much fun with the power hose.

Some of jess's prints left to dry.

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