Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Painting part 2

We have spent many long days in the studio over the last couple of weeks, having conversations and making decisions which are allowing the decoration of the wardrobe to move forward and develop organically. The overall finished look is now starting to emerge, and it is brilliant to see how our sketchbook ideas and scribbles are translating onto the wardrobe.

We have been building up patterns using a combinations of painting, paper cuts, stencils and hand carved stamps.

Today, Tuesday 31st August, we finally began work on the decoration of the main panels on the front of the wardrobe, and we're feeling very pleased with it so far. Basing the decoration on including elements from different fairy tales which are all tangled up in a beanstalk.

We drew the basic shapes out in pencil and have painted in the paler background colour before beginning to paint over the pattern in the same blue as we used for the sides.

The decoration is a combination of Cait's more traditionally figurative and detailed drawings and Jessica's pattern doodles, silhouette birds and other recurring sketchbook thoughts.

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