Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Princess Puppet

I thought it would be interesting to try and translate some of my character drawings into 3-D, so i began having a play with papier mache. I made a sort of puppet doll of the princess who has the central role in the story we were focussing on, the wild swans, with the thought that she could be useful to the storyteller as a focus for the telling.

Using scrunched up newspaper to create a form and pasting strips over in layers, I used a rolled up bit of cardboard to keep the structure rigid, and which extends long enough beneath the body of the puppet to be used as a handle. I had a lot of fun working out her appearance. Playing around with old hair pieces and false eyelashes which i had lying around.

Choosing the colours was simple enough as they are proscibed in the tale - red of blood, white of snow and the black of the ravens wing. I like that she has seems delicate and isn't perfect, she has the look of a victorian china doll.

I am using an old skirt to create her dress, i like the excessive amount of fabric, it helps to hide all the rough edges.

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